Paul Sabordo

Worship Director

I’m a SOCAL transplant and I’ve been at NACC since 2018. I have a bachelors in science. Originally I thought I’d be a teacher but felt God call me to the Pacific NW. I’ve served in youth ministry, young adults, missions, and lead worship when needed.
I felt called to worship specifically while serving in youth as a young adult. Worship to me is an emotionally driven prayer, a way to express what is in your heart when you don’t have the words. My heart is to have a God centered, Holy Spirit lead worship experience. Worship allows us to be vulnerable when communicating with the Lord. As a Father, He wants His children to be open.

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1273 NW West Thornton Lake Drive
Albany, Oregon 97321

Phone (541)-926-5291

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Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4pm

Friday 8:30am-1pm

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Join us at 9am for coffee & fellowship

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