HOPE (Huruma Opportunities to Provide Education) is a non-profit formed to raise sponsorships to provide quality education for the children, teachers, and families of Mji wa Huruma Nursery School located in Nairobi, Kenya.

The commitment of Huruma HOPE is to increase aid and educational opportunities to children and break the generational cycle of sickness and poverty that has plagued this community for many years. It is our hope that others will follow in our decision to support this ministry and help children in Africa rise above their circumstances through education and faith in Jesus Christ.

Huruma Hope provides:

HOPE through a relationship with Jesus Christ,

HOPE in the start of a good quality education,

HOPE for a healthy life with healthy meals each day and health care,

HOPE for parents to be able to expand care for their families,

HOPE for each child to continue in school through Primary & Secondary School to become the people that God has planned for each of their lives.

To learn more about Huruma HOPE, you can check out their website.