Andy & Melissa Van Order have served as the Directors of Youth Ministry since October of 2014. They have been attending NACC since March of 2008. It wasn’t long before they both volunteered within children’s ministry, where Melissa eventually took on the role of Children’s ministry coordinator from 2010-2012, with the strength and support of Andy and their kids. Coming from rough backgrounds and hard family lives, it has been the passion of both Andy & Melissa to share the love of Christ. Specifically with youth who may not be able to experience any healthy love in their lives. As ministry leaders, their greatest strength is their love for the students within the reach of their ministry.

Andy & Melissa were married in July of 2006 and a decade later love living life together. Entrusted with loving 6 strong willed kids ranging from 1-23, they’ve got their work cut out for them but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They value the love of family and life outdoors. From boating to snowboarding, camping and road trips, they enjoy life together.

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