Allen Feltman


I was born and lived in Minnesota for  19 years at which time my whole family moved to Oregon. I came to faith in Jesus during a crusade in Dallas, Oregon in the fall of 1972. I attended Oregon State University and obtained  undergraduate and master degrees in poultry science. (Yes, that is correct chickens). I then worked at O.S.U. for 35 years in the poultry science department and then animals sciences when the departments merged. I retired from there the end o f 2012. 

While at O.S.U. , a life changing event happened. I met Nina there the winter term of 1977. We married August 11, 1979 and it has been a wonderful life together for the past 42+ years and counting.

I am so blessed to be among those Jesus has redeemed. My goal has been to serve Him however I can. Now in my retirement that is especially so because I have more free time. Now as an elder my aim is to serve Jesus and other people the best I can. 

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